5° in collaboration with Twisted Feet

It´s official! A Win Win World teams up with Twisted Feet, voted best dance school in Sweden,  to produce 5 °C , an urban art show addressing climate change. The aim is to inspire and influence people to take a step in the right direction an act on climate change. 

About 5 °C 
5 °C is the project name of an innovative artistic concept and an urban dance show addressing climate change. A project that combines culture and research with the latest technology. Concept, direction and choreography is by Twisted Feet Production with script for the show written in cooperation with Christoffer Bocker. The project is conducted in close cooperation between Twisted Feet, Chalmers University of Technology, IMCG and A Win Win World,  with the aim to inspire and influence people to take a step for climate change. 

The show will premiere 25 September 2015 at the Grand Theatre (Stora Teatern) in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Watch the TRAILER for 5°  >>

About Twisted Feet
Twisted Feet is a Swedish dance company well recognized both nationally and internationally. The company was created 2004 and has been expanding since then creating outstanding shows, jams, competitions, events and workshops. Reflecting our present time and society is something Twisted Feet is well known for and this importance is shown in most of their work. The shows are a creative mix of dance, theater, high energy and for the ulterior motive behind them.
Twisted Feet is striving to create long lasting art on a whole new level that will always evolve and take influences of different styles and art forms. These nine twisted risktakers have visions of changing the world.


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