Live from Paris

This week we are in Paris following the climate negotiations at COP21. The climate movement has taken over the streets of Paris, building bridges, co-creating and joining together as one voice. A call for Climate Action!

Tune in to and see when Åsa Sandberg was discussing behavioral change for the climate in a talkshow togheter with Vivienne Westwood, Amanda Ravenhill and more International guests - live from COP21. 

As it looks like right now - we will have an agreement. The question is; How strong will it be? And what happens next?

For us it is perfectly clear - We need to look beyond Paris! Strong or weak agreement, we need to act on climate anyway. And we need action now - from both political leaders, businesses, NGOs, academia and civil society. From young and old. From YOU and ME.

The good news is - 2016 will be a year of action! Read about our latest programs and initiatives in our latest newsletter
Do you see anything you fancy beeing a part of? Contact us - join us! Co-creation will change the future. Because we need to work together, also beyond Paris. 


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