Mentoring the startups of today in solving the challenges of tomorrow

Our founder Katharina Paoli will be joining the mentor team of  Singularity University - mentoring the startups of today in solving the challenges of tomorrow!
Singularity University’s Global Startup Program helps future-focused entrepreneurs transform ideas and innovation into impact on a global scale. The program offers educational resources and world-class mentorship from faculty, staff, and industry experts. They want to inspire innovators to solve the world’s biggest challenges. Katharina Paoli is offering her expertise in the field of sustainability and behavioral economics to the participants.

-  As an entrepreneur within the field of impact, sustainability and tech, there’s one startup accelerator program that stands out above the rest and that is the SU Global Startup Program. The first time I visited their campus in Silicon Valley I was in awe and filled with inspiration.  I’m honored to be chosen as a mentor within the program! Together we can solve the world’s biggest challenges and impact the lives of a billion people, says Katharina.

The Global Startup Program brings together entrepreneurs from around the world for workshops and fieldwork in multiple locations around the globe, and it has generated more than 1,000 impact innovations from over 45 countries since it started in 2008.

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