A Win Win World is a global platform for a sustainable future. We deliver action and ROI
in your sustainability initiatives. Through co-creation, behavioral design and meeting places we create measurable results for a resource efficient sustainable future.

The results are in and the pigeons happy! Colorful signs and ashtrays plus humorous messages worked 70 % better than ordinary black ashtrays. Here you'll find everything about the nudging study and the results. 

A nudge is a friendly, little push towards a behavioural change. Nudging Sweden is a network that aims to initiate, manage and promote behavioural change for a sustainable future. 

Professor Richard H. Thaler at the University of Chicago is a central figure within behavioral economics and  nudging.
 A Win Win World and Nudging Sweden's  work is deeply connected to Thaler's research and we send him our heartfelt congratulations.

How do you design a workplace to encourage sustainable choices?  We are launching a new concept to help nudge both employers and employees into more sustainable choices at work.

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