A Win Win World is a global platform for a sustainable future. We deliver action and ROI
in your sustainability initiatives. Through co-creation, behavioral design and meeting places we create measurable results for a resource efficient sustainable future.
Win-win for people, planet and profit. 

Professor Richard H. Thaler at the University of Chicago is a central figure within behavioral economics and  nudging.
 A Win Win World and Nudging Sweden's  work is deeply connected to Thaler's research and we send him our heartfelt congratulations.

A nudge is a friendly, little push towards a behavioural change. Nudging Sweden is a network that aims to initiate, manage and promote behavioural change for a sustainable future. 

Article in Metro about nudging and our project to reduce the number of cigarett butts on the streets of Gothenburg. 

How can we get business travellers to choose the train before the plane? Nudging Sweden is going on a tour with SJ, Sweden's market-leading train operating company. 

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