A Win Win World is a global platform for a sustainable future. We deliver action and ROI
in your sustainability initiatives. Through co-creation, behavioral design and meeting places we create measurable results for a resource efficient sustainable future.

The results are in and the pigeons happy! Colorful signs and ashtrays plus humorous messages worked 70 % better than ordinary black ashtrays. Here you'll find everything about the nudging study and the results. 

A nudge is a friendly, little push towards a behavioural change. Nudging Sweden is a network that aims to initiate, manage and promote behavioural change for a sustainable future. 

We are moving our business area  Tech4Good and our advisory services to a new brand. Nudgd AB is the name of our new sister company.

Nudgd offer digital solutions and advisory within the field of behavioral science. By using nudging we make sustainable choices easy and take action towards the Global Sustainable Development Goals.

How do you design a workplace to encourage sustainable choices?  We are launching a new concept to help nudge both employers and employees into more sustainable choices at work.

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