A Win Win World is a global platform to get more action for a sustainable future. By co-creation, behavioral design and arranging meeting places, we create more action and measurable results for a resource efficient sustainable future. More win-win for people, planet, profit. 

What does A Win Win World mean?
A win win world for us is a world of conscious business. We believe in people, planet and profit working together. We love action and ideas that spring out of the passion of bringing a higher value to both the environment and the society.

How can A Win Win World help you?
We help you get to action and get measurable results for a resource efficient sustainable future. A Win Win World is global platform with great network of world wide expertise that brings your challenges, policys and projects from being just an idea into making it happen!

How do we do this? 
We work with methods such as co-creation and nudging (behavioural science). We analyzie your challenge, identify innovative keys to action and help to make sure they become reality and turn into measurable results. 

What´s our aim? 
More action!
Measurable results.
A resource efficient sustainable future.
Win-win for people, planet, profit. 

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Our projects

Find out more about the projects and studies we are working on. 

Nudging Sweden

A nudge means a friendly, little push towards a behavioural change. Nudging Sweden is a network that aims to initiate, manage and promote behavioural change for a sustainable future. 

Example Project:
5° by Twisted Feet

5 ° is an urban dance show by Twisted Feet, addressing climate change. The aim is to inspire and influence people to take a step in the right direction an act on climate change. 

Example Project:
Cigarette butts in Gothenburg

The stunning results showed that the ashtrays with the nudge worked 70 percent better than plain black ashtrays. 

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