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Katharina Paoli, Co-Founder & Chairwoman of the Board | A Win Win World

Katharina Paoli
Co-Founder & Chairwoman of the Board

​Photo: Martin Stenmark

Katharina Paoli
Co-founder & Chairman of the Board

Photo: Martin Stenmark

Katharina Paoli
Co-founder & Chairman of the Board


LATEST NEWS! Nobel Prize
Richard Thaler, the father of the Nudge theory, wins the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. 
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Nobel Prize 2017

Professor Richard H. Thaler has been awarded this year's Nobel Prize in Economics for his work in behavioral economics.

Do you want good examples of how behavioral economics affects everyday behaviour? Do you want help with explaining how Professor Thaler's work is evident in practice today?

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Telephone: +46 (0)31-3609009

Press release from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences:

Here you can read our summary of Professor Thaler's research and its impact and applications >

Here you can see Thaler's Nobel Speech as well as our presentation on his research >

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