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It must be easy to make a more sustainable choice. Nudging Sweden has been awarded WWF´s scholarship of 200 000 SEK to do green nudges for innovative conservation. The grant will be used to educate Swedish municipalities in how to use behavioral science and the method nudging to get the residents to make more sustainable choices.

It requires more efforts for conservation to be able to halt the ongoing loss of biodiversity and reduce the ecological footprints. Perhaps we need new approaches and ideas to boost the sustainable management of natural resources and our ecosystem? Therefore, WWF instituted a scholarship for Innovative Environmental Protection. This year, Nudging Sweden's projects "nudging - make it easy to make the right choice," is one of the fellows who receive 200 000 SEK. 

A "nudge" means a friendly, little push towards a behavioural change.  It is not a legislation or enforcement.  It is an indirect suggestion that aims to influence the motives, incentives and decision making of groups and individuals alike. 

- Nudging is a method that Swedish municipalities can use as a concrete tool to create action and measurable results in effort to conserve biodiversity and reduce the ecological footprint, says Åsa Sandberg, CEO of A Win Win World and initiator of Nudging Sweden .

The first step is to open the doors for municipalities to submit their interest to be involved in the project and learn more about nudging as a method. The project includes education in what nudging is and how to use the method to get residents to make more sustainable choices.

- We are looking for municipalities that are courious on nudging and eventually want to initiate concrete projects to test the method, says Åsa Sandberg.

For more information:
Åsa Sandberg
CEO A Win Win World and initiator of Nudging Sweden
Tel. 0708-154652
Email: asa@awinwinworld.com

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