This week we are in Paris following the climate negotiations at COP21. The climate movement has taken over the streets of Paris, building bridges, co-creating and joining together as one voice. A call for Climate Action!

Tune in to www.placetpB.org/live and see when Åsa Sandberg was discussing behavioral change for the climate in a talkshow togheter with Vivienne Westwood, Amanda Ravenhill and more International guests - live from COP21. 

As it looks like right now - we will have an agreement. The question is; How strong will it be? And what happens next?

For us it is perfectly clear - We need to look beyond Paris! Strong or weak agreement, we need to act on climate anyway. And we need action now - from both political leaders, businesses, NGOs, academia and civil society. From young and old. From YOU and ME.

The good news is - 2016 will be a year of action! Read about our latest programs and initiatives in our latest newsletter
Do you see anything you fancy beeing a part of? Contact us - join us! Co-creation will change the future. Because we need to work together, also beyond Paris. 

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5° by Twisted Feet is an innovative visual urban creative dance show. The project is a collaboration between Chalmers University of Technology, Wingqvist Laboratory VINN Excellence center, Stora Teatern (The Grand Theatre) and A Win Win World. By combining culture, science and education into a creative production we aim to influence and engage young people to take a step in the right direction and act on climate change. We are planning for a Nordic tour in 2016 and an International tour in 2017. 

Watch the trailer: http://bit.ly/1k1oPKd

Photo: 5° by Twisted Feet

The tickets for the first five shows in September sold out and 5° was nominated as this years "Spot on" at Scenkonstguidens gala award. 

17-19th December is the next opportunity to see the show at Stora teatern in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Book your tickets here: http://bit.ly/1ZatNoa

250 SEK /person. 150 SEK for students. 

“BEST performance ever seen!!! Great job guys!! Everyone needs to see this!!”

“Thank you for such an amazing, touching and inspiring performance! Among the best I've seen, will be fun to follow you!”


Climate + street dance = Climate Action

5 degrees is more than only a dance show. Our follow up program offer a special toolkit for schools, as well as business oriented Action-Labs for companies, who want to address climate change and get more action for a sustainable future.

For more information about school programs and business programs, contact asa@awinwinworld.com


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It must be easy to make a more sustainable choice. Nudging Sweden has been awarded WWF´s scholarship of 200 000 SEK to do green nudges for innovative conservation. The grant will be used to educate Swedish municipalities in how to use behavioral science and the method nudging to get the residents to make more sustainable choices.

It requires more efforts for conservation to be able to halt the ongoing loss of biodiversity and reduce the ecological footprints. Perhaps we need new approaches and ideas to boost the sustainable management of natural resources and our ecosystem? Therefore, WWF instituted a scholarship for Innovative Environmental Protection. This year, Nudging Sweden's projects "nudging - make it easy to make the right choice," is one of the fellows who receive 200 000 SEK. 

A "nudge" means a friendly, little push towards a behavioural change.  It is not a legislation or enforcement.  It is an indirect suggestion that aims to influence the motives, incentives and decision making of groups and individuals alike. 

- Nudging is a method that Swedish municipalities can use as a concrete tool to create action and measurable results in effort to conserve biodiversity and reduce the ecological footprint, says Åsa Sandberg, CEO of A Win Win World and initiator of Nudging Sweden .

The first step is to open the doors for municipalities to submit their interest to be involved in the project and learn more about nudging as a method. The project includes education in what nudging is and how to use the method to get residents to make more sustainable choices.

- We are looking for municipalities that are courious on nudging and eventually want to initiate concrete projects to test the method, says Åsa Sandberg.

For more information:
Åsa Sandberg
CEO A Win Win World and initiator of Nudging Sweden
Tel. 0708-154652
Email: asa@awinwinworld.com

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October 4th until 11th our co-founder Katharina Brunat is part of a Nordic delegation to Silicon Valley and the SOCAP conference in San Francisco. Money with meaning is the focus when dialogues start at the world’s biggest meeting place for social capital markets – SOCAP. NordicsGoSoCap is one week of business opportunities, knowledge transfer and social innovation training,  where the delegates will explore the latest trends and actions aimed at creating a better world. 

Follow us on ‪#‎NordicsGoSocap‬ ‪#‎SOCAP15‬ 
For more information: www.nordicsgosocap.org & www.socialcapitalmarkets.net

Nordics Go Socap. Photo: Lars Ling
Nordics Go Socap. Photo: Lars Ling
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We are proud to announce that A Win Win Worlds founder Katharina Brunat has been elected to be a mentor for The Climate Reality Leadership Corps. She will be doing her mentor training for Nobel Laureate and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore in Miami this week and will serve as mentor for the Nordic climate leaders.

The Climate Reality Leadership Corps is a global network of leaders, trained by Mr. Al Gore himself, committed to taking on the climate crisis and solving what is far and away the greatest challenge of our time. Katharina Brunat become a member in the network in November 2014 and did her training in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, by Mr. Al Gore as well as group of world-class scientists, strategists, communicators, and technical specialists on the science of climate change and the direct cost impacts are having on communities around the world.

In 2006, Nobel Laureate and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore got the world talking about climate change with the Academy Award-winning film - An Inconvenient Truth. It was just the beginning of a climate revolution, and later that year, he founded The Climate Reality Project to take the conversation forward and turn awareness into action.

The program takes great leaders and makes them exceptional, providing the training in climate science, communications, and organizing to tell the story of climate change and inspire communities everywhere to take action. The result is a dynamic group of world-changers shaping the conversation on climate in forums from family dinners to international summits and building a 21st-century movement for solutions.

To find out about more about Climate Reality Leader Corps and the upcoming training in Miami please visit www.climaterealitytraining.org/florida

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Welcome to World Innovation Challenge 2015 - Cities Growing to Greatness through Social Business, August 19-20th in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Get ready to make a difference. Two days of innovations and solutions to environmental and social challenges.You are invited to experience and meet some of the great, creative minds of our time. Join the process of building the sustainable city of the future, where everybody has possibilities and where diversity is a key to success. 

Day 1. Challenges and opportunities of Social Business with a mix of young people and entrepreneurs as well as the municipalities and academia.

Day 2. A diverse gathering will discuss the questions of yesterday, aiming for the city of the future at the fortress of Carlsten at Marstrand. A spectacular public music event by Culture meets Industry in the harbour of Marstrand will end these days of co-creation.

On stage
Groundbreaking ideas, real initiatives, new insights and global connections by applying and intersecting the concepts from Social Business, The Blue Economy and The Medici Effect:

  • Professor Muhammad Yunus, Dhaka
    Nobel Peace Prize laureate, author of Social Business.
  • Professor Gunter Pauli, Cape Town
    Environmental entrepreneur, author of The Blue Economy.
  • Frans Johansson, New York
    Innovation thought leader, author of The Medici Effect. 
  • Moderator: Katharina Brunat, Gothenburg
    Climate Reality Leader and Co-founder of A Win Win World. 
Download the invitation:  

Free entrance for everyone aged 15-27 years! 

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A Win Win World are honored to have been appointed Affiliated Partners for Live Earth Road to Paris. Join us in demanding that world leaders sign a strong agreement at the Paris climate negotiations in December. 

Live Earth are uniting a billion voices to deliver this single message to world leaders:

Take Climate Action Now!

For more information: www.liveearth.org

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Date: April 16th 2015
Time: 1.30 pm - 7 pm
Venue: eHive & Gothenburg City Conference, Gothenburg, Sweden
For who? : Everyone interested in climate change 
Admission: Free of charge! 

The event is open to the public, all free of charge, and forms part of the International Science Festival in Gothenburg. 


Moderator: Katharina Brunat, entrepreneur and co-founder of A Win Win World. 

13.00 Doors open

13.30  Panel discussions 

1.  What can you do in your everyday life to take action against Climate Change?
(in Swedish) 

  • Ulrika Naezer, (also known as Avfallsfria Ada), editor for the paper Kretslopp, City of Gothenburg. 
  • Kiara Aiello, PhD Biology, Jena Universität, Germany. 

2. What can you do as a company or at your work to take action against Climate Change? (in English) 

  • Evan Williams, Branch Manager Northern Europe  for Climate Reality Project and Director of ClimateAction Project, from Glasgow Skottland.
  • Tom Lindberg, Wind-power entrepreneur and Managing Director at EcoHZ, from Oslo, Norge. 
  • Tove Ahlström, Environmental Controller at Karolinska University Hospital. Stockholm. Sweden. 

14.30  A Win Win World Co-Lab (in English and Swedish)
Workshop on solutions for how to take action for climate change on an everyday basis!

16.00  Mingle and networking                   

18.00 Lecture with Katharina Brunat (in Swedish)
English: What is wrong with the weather? Climate change on life and death.

In Swedish:  Vad är det för fel på vädret egentligen? 
Tromber i skärgården, bortblåsta tak och översvämning i källaren. Varför är det ingen snö på julafton och hur kan det hagla mitt i sommaren? Ja, vad är det för fel på vädret egentligen? Välkommen till en föreläsning med lösningar i fokus. Du får fakta, inspiration och konkreta verktyg för att hantera klimatförändringarna i din egen vardag. 

The International Science Festival, April 15-19th, Gothenburg, Sweden.  
With hundreds of activities and about 70,000 visits The International Science Festival in Gothenburg is one of Europe’s leading popular science events and the only one of its kind in Sweden. During the festival you will find everything from workshops, lectures, private shows, music, theatre, debates, exhibitions and seminars to meetings of researchers. The content spans all disciplines, from social science and the humanities to natural science and technology. This years theme is ”Life and death”.

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It´s official! A Win Win World teams up with Twisted Feet, voted best dance school in Sweden,  to produce 5 °C , an urban art show addressing climate change. The aim is to inspire and influence people to take a step in the right direction an act on climate change. 

About 5 °C 
5 °C is the project name of an innovative artistic concept and an urban dance show addressing climate change. A project that combines culture and research with the latest technology. Concept, direction and choreography is by Twisted Feet Production with script for the show written in cooperation with Christoffer Bocker. The project is conducted in close cooperation between Twisted Feet, Chalmers University of Technology, IMCG and A Win Win World,  with the aim to inspire and influence people to take a step for climate change. 

The show will premiere 25 September 2015 at the Grand Theatre (Stora Teatern) in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Watch the TRAILER for 5°  >>

About Twisted Feet
Twisted Feet is a Swedish dance company well recognized both nationally and internationally. The company was created 2004 and has been expanding since then creating outstanding shows, jams, competitions, events and workshops. Reflecting our present time and society is something Twisted Feet is well known for and this importance is shown in most of their work. The shows are a creative mix of dance, theater, high energy and for the ulterior motive behind them.
Twisted Feet is striving to create long lasting art on a whole new level that will always evolve and take influences of different styles and art forms. These nine twisted risktakers have visions of changing the world.

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This month, our founder Katharina Brunat is on the cover of Sweden´s leading trade magazine for environmental professionals Miljö&Utveckling (translated
Environment & Development), with a long interview about‪ ‎climate‬ reality, ‪‎
nudging‬ and how each person can make a difference for a sustainable future.


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Our founder Katharina Brunat has been invited by the to participate in the 
International Entrepreneurs Investment Forum on Entrepreneurship and
Investment for Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development in 
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, 19-21 January 2015. Arranged by United Nations Industrial Development Organization. 

The Forum will act as a platform for governments, private sector, academia, financial institutions, civil society and entrepreneurs from around the globe to explore possibilities of cooperation, joint investments and business partnerships. 

HRH Princess Rhama bint El Hassan
HE Mr. Li Yong, UNIDO Director General
HE Shaikh Ebrahim Bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of AICEI
Ms. Leila Khayat, Honorary World President Association of Women entrepreneurs
H.E. Mr. Zayed bin Rashed Al Zayani, Minister of Industry & Commerce

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