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Hi Catrin! Welcome to A Win Win World! 
- Thank you! 

As a journalist and editor you have written about sustainability for over 15 years. Tell us, which are the most exiting sustainability trends right now?
- I think it is really interesting that energy from the sun now is cheaper than energy from oil and coal in many places around the world. The energy revolution is on its way! Lots of people want clean energy and all over the world the civil society and cities prosecute against big oil companies and states for violations against the climate and human rights. 
I also think the circular economy as a mindset will create a lot of opportunities – and of course I can see a big potential in nudging.

What made you interested in nudging and behavioral science in the first place?
- I wrote an article about nudging and I also engaged A Win Win World as speaker at a conference I worked with. I think nudging is a brilliant way of helping people to make better and more sustainable choices. 
At home I use small plates because I do not want to throw away food nor gain to much weight. I also serve my kids vegetables, like carrots and cucumbers before dinner, while they still are hungry, because I want them to eat more green stuff.

You will manage the communication at A Win Win World and Nudging Sweden. What added value are you aiming to bring to the organization? 
- I would like to make it easier for people to make better and more environmentally friendly choices. And I want more organizations to use nudging as a tool. To achieve this, communication about the advantages of nudging is necessary. My mission is to spread the word! I will work through our digital channels, for example with our new Youtube channel and with the knowledge-sharing opportunities within the Nudging Sweden network. I will also help our clients with with strategic framing of messages and communications in our projects. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send me an email. 

What is your favorite nudge?
- I think it is very clever to offer the best choice as a default option, for example green energy as the standard choice provided by the utility
company, or vegetarian dishes topmost on the menu. I think people are a bit lazy, including myself, so everything that makes the good choice the easiest one is on my favorite list. 

Contact Catrin at catrin@awinwinworld.com

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