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You are the new Membership Manager for our network Nudging Sweden.
What made you interested in nudging and behavioral science in the first place?

- Originally studying to be a psychologist, I realized that what I really wanted was to use my knowledge to impact behavior on a broad scale, for the benefit of all. I changed my curriculum into a bachelor's degree in psychology, focusing on the impact of values on green consumption. It's very exciting to be part of this new wave of applying behavioral science to the sustainability field, using the insight that humans aren't rational beings that make informed decisions at all times but can, and often need, to be nudged into a behavioral change. 
What added value are you aiming to bring to the organization? 

- Being academically rooted in many of the psychological mechanisms that enable nudging, I hope to contribute somewhat to the scientific depth in the organization. I am also passionate about empowering sustainable solutions for the benefit of all and I am happy to contribute this passion at A Win Win World and Nudging Sweden, both internally in the work team and in the way we do business. 
What is your favorite nudge?

- My favorite nudge right now is probably the one where people recycle their disposable coffee cups to a greater extent if their name is written on the cup.  Using something as fundamental and simple as personal identity and the fact that we appraise objects that we identify with higher, this is such a thrilling example of the great potential and resource-efficiency of nudging! 

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Welcome to A Win Win World and Nudging Sweden Marcus Svinhufvud! 
- Thank You! 

Which are the most exiting sustainability trends right now?
The imminent replacement of coal, fossil fuel and plastics, which is having an impact in all sectors of society. It is an important trend as it is catching the interest of large groups of the population, and forcing companies to look to other options. 

What made you interested in nudging and behavioral science in the first place?
It is a creative, clever and fun way of changing behavior and being able to influence change towards a more sustainable society. I find it interesting that the perceived picture of peoples ability of rational thinking, rarely mirror the decisions we make in real life situations.  

What added value are you aiming to bring to the organization? 
I bring a lot of experience from sales, marketing and media, and have worked with a lot of organizations that have made sustainability part of their core business.
So I think that I bring a lot of knowledge in what makes sustainability not only something necessary for the environment and well-being of humankind, but also how it can bring profitability and good business to organisations. 

What is your favorite nudge?
I really like nudges that use humor, like for instance "The worlds deepest garbagebin" It has great potential, not only because of the results of the nudge itself, but also as a method of marketing, and communication. A really good short film can reach audiences far and wide, and fast. 

Contact Marcus at marcus@awinwinworld.com

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