Nudging in Practice

Are you wondering how you make a change both for the individual and for the organization and society at large? How do we make sustainable choices easy? We can do this with the help of nudging.
nudging fastigheter

In our online course “Nudging in Practice” you will learn all about the methods used when planning and conceptualizing nudging projects.

The course, which consists of three parts, shows how to go from idea and inspiration to hands on concepts and sustainable results. We will teach you theories and tested methods, highlighting examples that have provided proven effect, as well as innovative solutions that are waiting to be tested.

You get access to a concrete 6-step work process that you can use in your business to analyze behavioral problems, create nudges, set up pilot studies to test the effect of the nudges and get insights on how to evaluate the results and implement the right nudge on a larger scale.
In this way, we also help you develop an action plan and give ha advice so you can start your own nudging projects right away!

The course is arranged by Nudging Sweden in collaboration with Nudgd Academy. Nudgd are experts in sustainability, behavioral science and nudging and have many years of experience from working with nudging as a method. The course is a good start for those who want to apply behavior-changing methods and tools in your business. We kill the myth that sustainable choices are more costly. We also show how you get measurable results and value for your sustainability work - for both the economy, people, and the environment.
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Tid: 3 tillfällen á 90 minuter.

Datum:  7, 14 and 21 Oktober

Språk: Engelska

Plats: Online (mötesplattformen Zoom som är gratis för er att använda)

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Katharina Paoli Brunat
Grundare A Win Win World, ordförande i nätverket Nudging Sweden och VD på Nudgd